„onOffice ist eine innovative Maklersoftware die sich auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse anpassen lässt und sich permanent weiterentwickelt.“

Jan Mettenbrink, maison Immobilien GmbH

Optimal administration.
Rapid conclusion of contracts.

Over 10.000 users trust in our real estate software, safe, portal independent,
and completely web based. Discover how 14 years of
software development on real estate CRM offers
growth impulses to your company.

With our products and long-standing experience, we are the
guarantee sucess for your future in the real estate sector.

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What our customers say:

Sucessful with all company sizes:
whether real estate agent, real estate networks,
banks oder manufacturers of prefabricated houses,
they all trust in our real estate software and in our web design.

"KÜHN & PARTNER S.L. is the market leader on the Balearic Islands. After 24 years we decided to stopped using our own programmed software and since April 2011 successfully started using for both backend (CRM) and frontend (www.kuhn-partner.com) onOffice smart software." Sabine Kühn - Kühn & Partner S.L.

"onOffice was able to understand and realize our requirements and wishes. All our expectations and demands were taken on board and subsequently implemented in a manner that we now actually work with our ‘own real estate software’." Gábor Török - von Poll Immobilien GmbH

"Für onOffice haben wir uns nach langer intensiver Suche deshalb entschieden, weil sich die online-Software an unsere Unternehmenstruktur & Bedürfnisse als Franchise-System nahtlos anpasst. Die Anwenderfreundlichkeit & die effiziente Nutzung war das Entscheidende." Michael Dittmer - amarc21 Immobilien

Test now free of charge ! Contact us

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Verena Hanzen

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André Stormberg

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Veronica Vogels


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Nathalie Tomanek

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Janosch Reuschenbach

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Michael Weyermann


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Stefan Mantl


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